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DJ Classes


Best DJ Training Classes in Rohini

Course Duration : 4 weeks (Weekdays), 6 Weeks (Weekend)

The most demanding DJ course 
The DJ Courses have proven to be one of the most successful ways of getting into the industry, attracting people from around the world who want to learn to DJ. Naturally, in this fast moving sector.

Course Outline 
The 30 hours (one month) course, aimed at beginner and intermediate DJs, is taught in our DJ Institute equipped with the latest Technics & softwares. Notes and handouts are provided during the course to provide an ongoing source of reference. No previous knowledge of mixing is assumed. 
The DJ Course deals with both creative DJ skills and understanding the workings of the industry. Initially mixing techniques are taught, and then the importance of creativity and individuality in the mix are explored, before real world club and radio DJ environments are experienced. 

Course Content

Introduction to the DJ Industry 
Equipment set-up and calibration 
Music theory - BPMs (beats per Minute), bars and sections 
Cueing techniques 
Pitching techniques 
EQualizing within DJing 
Beat Matching
Creative Dj’ing - Delay effects techniques
Recording demos 
DJ agencies and DJ bookings 
Marketing yourself

Software Used :- Acid Pro, Virtual DJ, Tractor, Abelton Live

Course Fee : - Rs.15,000/-